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Welcome to SKI the Gap, yes it’s an odd name, not one you’ll forget though.

Distinctive, Different, Eyecatching Images, From an Award Winning Photographer.

Where did it come from? It was part of the title of my first published book, Ski the Gap from Cairo to the Galapagos. Which arose from a life changing trip round the world in 2006, simple really, Spending Kids Inheritance for a Gap year! The book is another story.

I was inspired by a conversation with a professional artist to start exhibiting and selling prints of the over 30,000 images stored on my computer.

Some of my images are currently on exhibition and for sale at Zinc Arts, Great Stoney, High St, Chipping Ongar, Essex.

I have prepared a ’round the world’ set of in excess of 130 images which have been imaginatively displayed within the foyer. Starting with the UK and ending, after a figure of eight journey through two floors, at the Galapagos Islands. Most prints are full colour A3 with colour mounts. I believe that an image with strong colours is often improved by a contrasting mount.

I also intend to take a stall at the Abbots Ripton Garden Show 2016.

What do I have to offer? Different Images, Images which are not Photoshopped to look like a Fantasy, Interesting Images, Relaxing Images and above all Stunning Images.

Are you refurbishing a room, a house, an office suite, an Hotel or just browsing for something different? I can supply Images for all your needs either as a Plain Print on all types of Media through Mounted, Mounted and Framed in sizes 150×100, A5, A4, A3 & A3+ to Canvas Prints. Yes I am biassed but can you imagine how good the picture of the Zanzibar beach looks as an AO size canvas print? Theres one on our wall at home!

How about a background to a presentation you have in mind, the list of uses is as endless as my library of images.

Just contact us for anything which is not currently covered on our website, we are adding new images all the time and looking for new applications for our work.

My latest ideas have been using bold mounts for my prints, I took the Halong Bay Worker and put a dark red mount with a 3mm white line between it and the image, check it out! I also use black mounts for moody B &W Pictures it works!



I currently have a better selection of pictures on my Facebook page Ski the Gap the work of John Shrewsbury due to the time it takes to upload to this site and the work I have been doing for exhibitions.

The Balloon Icon has been used conjunction with the name Ski The Gap in various combinations since 2006 and remain the property of J M & J M Shrewsbury.